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Chemical Transfer Partnership - Table #219
Contact: Felix Hafen
271 Main St.
Northport, New York 11768 USA
Tel: +1-631-912-2300
Fax: +1-631-912-0899
Chemical Transfer Partnership (CTP) is the distributor of Chemical Processing Equipment manufactured by Büchi and Temperature Control Systems from Hüber Gmbh. Covering the United States and Canada we have become the number one source for all of your Büchi Reactor, Glass, Metal, Pressure, small and large scale, Process Units and Huber heaters and chillers, both bath type and closed systems for all thermoregulation needs. Büchi manufactures glass pilot plant and pressure reactors that can be utilized under a variety of conditions. These reactors are available in small or large scale from 10ml - 250 liters, which makes them ideal for any prospective scale up. Büchi has the ability to manufacture equipment using almost any material including Hastelloy C, titanium and tantalum. The flexiclave glass joint connection used in our pilot plants allows for any possible misalignment and insures a full vacuum seal on every plant every time. Buchi’s flexibility makes them the ultimate solution for your R&D and pilot plant needs. Huber GmbH offers more than 500 models with cooling and heating capacities from 100 Watts up to 130 kW allow a professional scale up from research to production! With this wide selection we can provide solutions for all temperature control tasks ranging from -120°C to +425°C. Please visit our web site www.ctpbuchi.com for more details.

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