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Instant BioScan - Table #10
Contact: JP Jiang
2102 N. Forbes Blvd., Ste. 105
Tucson, Arizona 85745 USA
Tel: +1-520-222-8501
Fax: +1-520-222-8501
Instant BioScan’s Real-time Monitoring System (RMS) instantly detects, differentiates, and enumerates microorganisms and inert particles in water and other aqueous solutions without the use of reagents or chemicals. RMS is highly sensitive and suitable for use in monitoring WFI water systems, purified water systems, cleaning validations,and various product testing applications. With this technology,professionals within global water treatment, consumer goods, life science, and biotechnology markets significantly improve their visibility to potential risks while reducing costs associated with process monitoring, product testing,on-hand inventories, and production downtime.

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